The key is circulation and distribution. UpBeat is delivered daily to NAMM-approved hotels by 6:30am. At the vast majority of these hotels, it is delivered to the hotel-room doorstep of NAMM attendees. In fact, opening the door and picking up UpBeat is the first thing most NAMM attendees do each morning. For those just coming in for the day or staying off-campus, UpBeat is distributed through dozens of bins around the show floor and at our booth.

Advertising in UpBeat Daily is easy. Simply call the advertising service representative in your area (that’s listed below). They are carefully trained to work with you on creating an advertising package that gives you maximum exposure within your budget.

One thing you will find is that packaging advertising in UpBeat with advertising in Music Inc. magazine, the leading trade magazine for North American retailers, will deliver your brands the best coverage before, during and after NAMM.

Ads Close: May 29
Material Due: June 11

East of the Mississippi & International, contact:
Kevin R. Maher at (630) 359-9363 or email.

West of the Mississippi, Illinois, Wisconsin & International, contact:
Billy Heschl at (630) 359-9342 or email.