With three fresh issues, UpBeat Daily is the best news source at NAMM. So why not send us your company’s press for the event?

Getting Your Products in UpBeat Daily is EASY! Here’s How:
• You must be exhibiting at NAMM to have press published in UpBeat Daily.
• Send press releases to
• Deadline for Winter NAMM press submissions April 8.
• NOTE: Remember! We accept releases up to and even at the show, but your chances of getting them published decrease dramatically after that April 8 deadline.
• Submit copy in basic word processing formats.
• Include high resolution product images as JPEGs or TIFFs whenever possible, 300 dpi.
email to ensure that we received your press releases.

Q: Do I have to advertise to get press into UpBeat Daily?

A: No. We work hard to create as even a playing field as possible for NAMM exhibitors. Our priorities in publishing UpBeat are the following: 1) Big news rules. 2) Take care of our advertisers. After publishing the top news of the day, we will make sure our advertising clients are covered in the magazines. 3) Include as many other companies in the Dailies as possible. We know that tomorrow’s big companies start from humble beginnings. Our goal is to expose retail buyers to as many new products and companies as possible.

Q: If I miss the editorial deadline, can I still get my press into UpBeat?
A: We will do our best,
but with each passing day after the deadline, your odds of being covered dwindle. Our advice is to submit product releases as they become ready, instead of preparing everything and sending it in one package. That strategy makes it easier for us to deal with a few last-minute releases. Also, send us a priority list of everything you are sending and your wish list for how they run. We can’t guarantee placement, but that will help us prioritize where to place each product!

For more information or to submit some press contact:
Email Frank Alkyer

Ads Close: April 15
Material Due: May 6

East of the Mississippi & International, contact:
Kevin R. Maher at (630) 359-9363 or email.

West of the Mississippi, Illinois, Wisconsin & International, contact:
Billy Heschl at (630) 359-9342 or email.